Black Labrador dog with ears up and tongue out.

Portrait Session Information

Just like two people, portrait sessions are specifically tailored to the individual and no two are ever the same. Mars is off the table, but otherwise a portrait sitting can be scheduled in an outdoor setting, on location in the client’s home, or in a studio environment. The session can be fast moving and spontaneous, relaxed and contemplative, or anywhere in between.

The sitting itself typically lasts one to two hours, although this varies and to a large degree depends on the client. We can talk and relax during the shoot, drinking oversweet coffee and discussing why black Labs are the best, or get right down to business and work faster. I’m a big fan of whatever works. The client is welcome to bring along a friend or family member if doing so makes them feel more comfortable. Regardless, shooting will continue until everyone that matters is satisfied with what we have.

I typically suggest that the client wear solid colored clothing for the shoot, although there are no fixed rules. Whatever suits the individual is really what’s best. There is no substitute for feeling confident in front of the camera. Changing clothes during the shoot is encouraged as confidence expresses itself in many forms.

Make-up and hair styling are usually left up to the client although an outside makeup artist can be made available if necessary. I can offer guidelines as to what tends to work best but hair and make-up are really a personal choice. That’s part of what makes the portrait you, and that after all, is really what it’s all about.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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