Thoughts on Photography, Pop Culture & the Complexity of Life

Even the president on the United States sometimes must have to stand naked…

Emma Broyles, Miss America, 2022.

Miss America & Ansel Adams

Of course Ansel Adams is popular. Why wouldn’t it be?
Taylor Swift, Red Taylor's Version.

Popularity is Overrated

Popularity is overrated and great praise is hollow without the fervent denial of a few.
Middle age man with short hair and face stubble wearing a gray shirt.

Portraits: Drawing Your Own Conclusions

Everyone has their own idea of what they think a good portrait should be but what are most photographers really trying to reveal?
Pablo Picasso. Au Lapin Agile. 1905.

Knowing What You Want

Knowing exactly what I want is not nearly as important as discovering exactly what I need.

Jason Kittelberger is a professional portrait photographer based in Katy, Texas, serving greater Houston and beyond. I focus on creating enigmatic portraits with distinctive colors and rich tones for personal, editorial, and promotional purposes. I’m not sure what it says about me, but my favorite Taylor Swift song is Anti-Hero. Surprisingly though, I don’t find it exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero. In fact, I find it rather easy to cheer on Tony Soprano. Billy Butcher too. Champagne problems I know. For more information about my process and latest work please follow my blog. For more information about booking a portrait session please contact me here.

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