Last night I found myself looking at pictures. I was browsing through books at first and then at various photography sites on the internet. It’s amazing to me how people seem to crave some sort of manufactured validity. Of course everyone wants their work to be liked and appreciated and I completely get that. I really do. But what I don’t understand are the photography sites with the ridiculous ratings and all the fawning comments. As if a rating on the internet is a measure of self-worth or a sign of relevance, or a vapid comment of faint praise is more valuable that a thoughtful criticism. Popularity is overrated.

Taylor Swift

I know in society we’re programmed this way. We’re assigned grades, given bonuses, and awarded stars. But really, what’s the point of rating a photograph? It almost seems that to some people, the grade is the point, and the actual work and creative process is simply a means to an end. It’s only the rating that matters and any negative reaction is a vicious attack on their character and their very being. How silly.

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